Munira Hussein

Unfit for Society

This is an anthology of short stories collected over time, based on experiences and observations. I do not know if there is a storyline but I hope you find a line in any of these stories, that you will carry with you.

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Pro Goro Kamau
Prof. Goro Kamau
Associate Professor of Literature, Laikipia University


From the problems of the girls and women grappling with challenges of living in a patriarchal culture to the allure of terrorist groups, Munira Hussein writing in the voice of what one of her characters describes as the children of the north brings a unique perspective from a region of Kenya which, despite its rich cultural traditions, is mostly associated in the popular imagination, with all the wrong things; violence, insecurity and underdevelopment.

This compelling collection of stories from a young and upcoming writer shows there is more. Written in the exuberant flair of a poet, Unfit for Society celebrates the resilience of a people striving to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment, the soaring aspirations of the younger generation for a better life and stands as a challenge to society to re-examine its ethos; some of which have clearly been overtaken by time.

Recently shortlisted for the African Writers Award for the short story Powder in the Wind, Ms. Hussein has the grit to curve herself a niche in the literary sphere and Unfit for Society is only but the first word in what promises to be a fruitful writing career.


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